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Referral Program: How does it work on CoinLion?

You can earn free CoinLion Token (LION) when you referrer friends and those friends actively use the platform.

The intent of the Referral Program is to reward existing users who refer new, active users to the CoinLion platform. Here are some details on how it works and what actions result in rewards:

  • Both the referrer and referred will will receive equal rewards.
  • The more active the new user is on CoinLion, the more both users will be rewarded.
  • The rewards will be credited to each users' account immediately after the reward actions take place.
  • All awarded Referral rewards are immediately enrolled into the CoinLion HODL program. This allows the user to earn additional rewards and ensures the market is not consistently flooded with cheaply acquired LION. 
  • You can claim your Referral rewards once they have completed the HODL period.
  • The intent here is to reward legitimate user behavior. Therefore, rewards can be clawed back if CoinLion determines that a user is there to game the system for reward purposes only.
    • As an example; we reward initial deposits. However, if a users makes a deposit and then withdraws those funds without making any trades, then their rewards will be clawed back.

Below are the actions being rewarded to both the referrer and referred.

Action LION Earned by Both Users*
KYC Approval 50
Initial Deposit 200
Followed a CopyCat Trader 500
Participate in HODL Program 500

Publish trading strategies on the CopyCat Marketplace and get:

1st Follower 1,000
10th Follower 2,000
50th Follower 10,000
100th Follower 20,000

*Numbers presented are NOT cumulative, but rather specific totals of what each user (referrer and referred) will receive when the referred user takes specified action.


Disclaimer: These guidelines are subject to change at any time. Any changes will be posted here.