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Prevent Consumer Fraud

Below are some general guidance and tips to help you navigate the new market place securely and with confidence.

Prevent Consumer Fraud

Coin Lion, LLC hopes to make your experience in the digital currency market place as safe and convenient as possible, but like any financial market the digital currency market has its share of scams; one major difference between digital currency and most traditional markets is digital currency transactions are not reversible. This requires you (individual users) to be more cognizant of whom you are transacting with. Below are some general guidance and tips to help you navigate the new market place securely and with confidence.


  • Never provide your two-factor authentication (2FA) codes to anyone. Coin Lion, LLC will never ask for your personal 2FA, and neither should anyone else.
  • Keep up to date on your antivirus software and do regular scans. Malware is a frequently used tool to target individuals.
  • Coin Lion, LLC will never request your password.
  • Do not ever provide remote access to your computer to Coin Lion, LLC support staff; Coin Lion, LLC will never request such access.
  • Be wary of emails from people you do not recognize. Additionally, be careful when opening any attachments in suspicious emails.
  • Pay close attention to emails from Coin Lion, LLC, especially those requesting your action. A common scam technique is to use slightly different spelling of email address to trick users into trust the emails instructions.  An example if a real email: support@coinlion.com compared to a fraudulent email: support@coinllon.com. The latter email switched out the “i" in lion for a lower case “l.”  With only a cursory glance the second email address can appear legitimate.  
  • Phishing is a very commonly used method of fraud. Do not use passwords for Coin Lion, LLC for any of your other services account login e.g. email, streaming service, etc.
  • Scammers are persistent and inventive. Check the Federal Trade Commission for new (and old) scamming methods and follow advice from regulatory bodies on avoiding fraud, such as the advice from the S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).

All transactions are final. Please be aware of consumer fraud concerns and confirm all transaction information prior to finalizing. To report fraud or suspected fraud please email support@coinlion.com.