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How Do I Deposit USD Into My Account?

Depositing USD can be done via ACH bank transfer.

Depositing USD can be done via ACH bank transfer. Before a deposit can be initiated a bank must be linked to your account. USD deposits are enabled for verified users who are located in a supported state/jurisdiction. 

Once your bank is successfully linked you may deposit USD directly from the Bank Settings page or from the Dashboard. 

Step 1: Go to the Bank Settings page then select deposit.


Screen Shot 2022-01-10 at 3.07.02 PM

Step 2:
Select the linked account you want to deposit from.

Step 3: Enter the amount.

Step 4: Click Deposit.

Processing Time

Bank account transfers are typically credited to your CoinLion account within 2-3 business days. Funds may be immediately debited from your bank account upon initiation, but they will not appear in your CoinLion account until the transfer is complete.

Coin Lion, LLC works hard to make your experience in the digital currency market place as safe and convenient as possible, but like any financial market in digital currency market, consumer due diligence is critical. This requires you (individual users) to be cognizant of whom you are transacting with. As a User, you understand that CoinLion provides you the tools to trade and manage cryptocurrency, you agree that education and research are paramount to efficiently trade and manage cryptocurrency, and you agree that you, as the user, are completely responsible for not only your own education and research, but also for each and every deposit, withdraw, and cryptocurrency trade that you make.